The Money, Money, Money Story

The story of Manifest 10K, the pay AFTER you manifest program.

One night I was talking to a friend of mine. She had a list of people that wanted to join her network marketing team, but didn’t have the $300 to get started. They definitely needed a way to make extra money, but more than that they need to know how to manifest $300.

As I was thinking about this, it hit me that what she needed was a course she could give people to do that would help them manifest the $300 to get started in their own business. My idea was to give this to her and they could pay me after they had done. I knew if they were committed and followed the practices I laid out (that I had used to increase the money in my life) that they would manifest $300. I believed enough in my concepts that I decided people could pay me based on what they manifested.

I went to work immediately and outlined the course. As I outlined the course, I had many “ah-has” including realizing that I was in fact already financially independant (which I had been working towards), and that I happily lived the previous year on $22,000 the previous year. However, I didn’t have time to put the course together. This was in May before I quit my job.

I let go of my job in November, and while I’d set it up for success, when my regular income stopped coming in, it felt like money was flying out the door. When I figured it out, I understood where and why money was leaving my account, but it didn’t feel good. I knew well enough to know that I needed to get my money mindset back to abundance. My schedule had changed and therefore my habits and my money manifesting rituals changed.

I knew I needed to get back to my money manifesting and abundance rituals. I decided the best way to do that was to work my own program. I went to working creating it and working it as I was putting it together. Working my program set me up to make a lot of money from Money, Money, Money and it lead to a 30% increase in my passive real estate income.

I decided to offer the program as a pay after you manifest because they feels good to me. I want everyone to have the opportunity to manifest more money into their life. I believe in Money, Money, Money. I know that if you work the program, you’ll manifest more money. Paying 10% of what you manifest is a great way for both of us to experience more money.

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