I am a Money Maven. I believe when you learn to invest in what makes you really happy money flows easier.

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Money, Money Q&A

Money, Money, Money Q&A

How does Money, Money, Money work?

Money, Money, Money is a pay after you manifest course. Which means you:

*Register for the course

*Do the daily assignments

*Allow more money to show up in your life

*Pay Cassie 10% of the additional money that shows up in your life in the 90 days following registering for the course

Will I manifest money?

Most people that complete all the assignments and invest time in their money manifesting rituals manifest more money into their lives. It’s a guarantee that you will develop a better money mindset if you complete the course. What do you have to lose? Go all in with the intention this is going to work and the magic work.

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Thank you so much for the times you’ve emailed me and the wonderful program you created.