Money, Money, Money Gong Story

Money Money Money, money gongThe Money, Money, Money gong sits at the top of the Money, Money, Money home page so that participants can ring the money gong whenever they manifest money. Cassie learned about having a money gong from Lisa M. Hayes and Jeannette Maw. Jeannette has two, gongs which she rings for different amounts of money.

Cassie loved this idea and adopted the fun practice at the beginning of the Money, Money, Money course. Whenever a participant in Money, Money, Money manifests money, Cassie rings the gong 2x, once for her and once for the participant that has more money in their life. It’s one of Cassie’s favorite practices and ways to celebrate more money coming into everyone’s life.

The virtual money gong is in the top left corner of the Money, Money, Money site. It’s a picture of the actual Money, Money, Money gong. Whenever you manifest money into your life, come visit the site and give it a ring.

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  1. How exciting, Cassie! Yay I am so happy for you, how wneuorfdl to be able to finally be pottering around your new home :) After our recent move to Australia, we are in renting mode until we are sure we are settled in the right location, so it will be a while before I have my own home again to really potter in properly…so I am just a little bit jealous ;)xx Karen


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