What people are saying about Cassie Parks

“Cassie Parks is one of those go-to people when it comes to the subject of money, not just because she walks her talk, but because her talk is so darn smart.”-Janette Dalgliesh

“I hesitate to take any advice, especially money advice from anyone I don’t know for sure is walking their talk.  However, I know Cassie Parks, and that woman walks her talk in a big way.”-Lisa M. Hayes

“Cassie Parks is an amazing person who takes you on a journey to owning abundance and reframing your money mindset.”-Ana Goncalves

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Dealing With Your Money, Cassie Parks, book, money Cassie just released her new book, Dealing With Your Money $h!t. This book is full of practical tips and tools your audience can you use to upgrade their money mindset and make 2015 the year they follow through on their resolutions about money and finance.

“One of the many things that I really appreciated about Cassie’s book is that she really goes into depth about her story – the credit card debt, the giving up of certain dreams, dead end jobs, etc. All of this leads to credibility and trust because she has been so upfront and I feel a lot of people can easily relate to at least some aspects of her former money woes.”-Nikki Davis

Cassie Parks is definitely not your mama’s money advisor. By investing in her happiness, defining her idea of success, leveraging the Law of Attraction, and a little bit of financial sass and savvy she earned her financial freedom at age 32. She now lives her dream life, coaching others to create lives they love to live.



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Cassie has been on the Your Time With Kim show and a variety of Blog Talk Radio Shows