Why I Love Marie Forleo

This is the time of year in the coaching world when everyone either comes out promoting B-School, put on by Marie Forleo, or they come out with a lot of reasons why they’re annoyed with Marie and her B-School promotions. Last year, I think I was neutral, and this year I’m definitely on the side of I love Marie Forlio. For all you LOA peeps reading this, me deciding I like her has impacted my reality by me only really seeing the positive stuff. I’ve seen tons of posts from past haters, that are now in support of B-School.

money, law of attraction, focusFor the record, I haven’t done B-School and I don’t know Marie personally. Here’s what I do know. Marie launches B-School every year. In my estimation, which is totally a guess she is making millions from her launch right now. Good for her!

Here’s why I love Marie Forlio… I’m not sure what she does when it’s not B-School time. I imagine she does some very cool things and from the looks on her website hangs out with some very cool people supporting their business growth. I love her because to me she’s the ultimate example of focus. During the year Marie puts out weekly videos which are amazing, from content to editing to her shoes. They are stunning and they are full of wisdom. She also sends out great newsletters each week. The way I see it, she gives 90% of the year. She focuses on adding people to her list 90% of the year. And then she spends about 10% of her time offering them a service that may be exactly what they need.

Marie is one of the best examples I can find of that kind of focus. She has a plan, sell B-School when it’s B-School time and the rest of the time provide great content so people give you their names and permission to ask them if they’d like to enroll in B-School that one time of year it’s available.

It might seem strange that I am going on about Marie Forleo’s business. I’m doing it because I think there are big lessons here. I know she does things besides B-School. I signed up for a copywriting opportunity she’s putting together. However, I don’t think she started that until the B-School formula was written in stone. That’s what’s amazing. Marie makes millions by doing one thing really well. One thing!

So many people (at times this is me too) think they have to do a hundred things to make money. They spend so much time spinning trying to juggle everything and what happens? All the balls fall. The things you want to do get done are only half way because you’re juggling everything. What would happen if you put down all but 1 ball and focused on that until you had an amazing system, both sales and delivery? Would that one thing be better? Would it get done faster? Would you feel better about it because you were giving it your 100% attention? Would it be easier to make that one thing magnificent?

There is time for everything, but if you focus on making one thing absolutely amazing at once, instead of 5 things mediocre, you’ll have more success, be more focus, be happier and what you’re putting into the world will be more beautiful.

The other place I see this happen that gets people stuck is when they’re working with Law of Attraction tools or their deliberate creation. All the time, I see people doing so many things at once, when if they decided on a practice, 1-5 things, that feels really good and is easy to stick to, they would experience more success.

This happens a lot with money. People come to me and they’re doing 20 different things. None of it feels really good and they come to me to see what else they should be doing. They’re often surprised when we figure out things to take out of their practice rather than add in.

The same way Marie Forleo created B School because she struggled and wished there was a program like it when she was starting her business, I created the Money, Money, Money Course. I wanted people to have a place to come and just get to have someone write the plan for them about how to improve their alignment with money. In the course there’s still plenty of options, but you make a choice between 2 options instead of 20. This course is unique because you get to pay AFTER you’ve manifested more money.

One of my focus points for this year is registering those who need it, into the Money, Money, Money Course. Class starts soon! If you’re looking for a better relationship with money or you’d like to attract more of it into your life, this course is probably perfect for you. Check it out here http://www.moneymoneymoneycourse.com/manifest/money-money-money-course/

And if you’re interested in Marie Forleo’s B-School, I would recommend talking to this Gena. I have nothing to gain from you talking to her. She’s just the person I resonate most with on the subject and if my best friend was asking me about B-School, I’d send them Gena’s way. Here’s a Facebook post she did about her personal experience with B-School https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10108080576481844&set=a.10100125513626574.2973886.9378352&type=1&theater

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