Q&A For Money, Money, Money

Q&A For Money, Money, Money

What if I’m not on Facebook and or I don’t want to be?

Money, Money, Money creates magic when you work it. It’s totally fine if you’re not on Facebook. Facebook gives a good place to share assignments and get really awesome support, but you don’t have to be on Facebook to do Money, Money, Money. The key is to do the daily assignments.

What do I do if I’m on a different day then the Facebook group?

That’s no big deal. Whatever day you are on is fine. People start on track and get off track. If you’re on a different day than is posted in the Facebook group just work the day you’re on. Post your assignment for the day even if it’s not the day the group is on.

What do I do if I’m behind?

Stop saying you’re behind. You’re listening to that and it’s creating a sense of panic, not being able to catch up and possible fear about whether you can do it. You are in perfect time. Just be where you are and do the assignment you’re on. Not everyone will be able to do every assignment every day. That’s ok. The important thing is to do the assignments.

Why should I join the Facebook group?

The Facebook group is SO supportive! It’s also the easiest place for me to connect with you. It’s an easy way for me to see what’s going on and how things are progressing. Post your positive wins to the Facebook group and you’ll feel the love for sure. It’s extra juice in the creation process. It’s also a great place to go to be inspired. Imagine if you woke up each morning to read about all the amazing ways people are attracting abundance.

What should I post in the Facebook group?

You’re wins, and assignments. The Facebook group is for creation and celebration. If it doesn’t fit into those two categories, it doesn’t go in the Facebook group. Feel free to email me if you need support or have something to share that doesn’t feel good. That’s what I’m here for.

The Facebook group is positive fuel. The energy is so powerful in there, it’s not a good idea to post something that you don’t want more of. Email me and I’ll support you.

If this agreement isn’t followed, I can and will take liberty to delete posts that don’t support what goes in the Facebook group. If you’re wondering, feel free to email me.

What if I get stuck?

This may or may not happen, but if it does know it’s only temporary. First things first. Breathe. Acknowledge you feel stuck. Find the place in your body where the stuckness is. Breathe in. Blow out from that place until it’s gone. Or you can go here and listen to a call. If there’s no call to address what you need, email me.

Prior to emailing me, make sure you’ve done the assignments up to this point. Often you get stuck because you’re trying to put the cart before the course. If you haven’t done all the assignments yet, it’s likely when you do them you’ll unstick yourself.

What if I have a question?

Check out this list and see if it’s on here. Check out the call library and see if the answer is there. Or email me and I’ll support you getting an answer.

What do I do when I find out about other money courses?

It’s going to happen. As you turn up your focus on money and abundance you’re going to notice more and more money courses, things to help you with money, etc. This is where it’s important to listen to your gut. Filter what you need and don’t need. Your focus is on money now so you’re going to see all the things available to support you with money.

Ask yourself if you need it? If the answer is yes go for it. Make sure you’re listening to and honoring your gut. You found this program first, which likely means this is the one you need right now. This program is full. If you do it fully, you may have limited time for other things. In my option, it’s best to dive fully into one thing then to be giving half your energy to two things. If it feels necessary to do the other program, put Money Money Money on the back burner and dive fully into the other program.

If you find another cool program, I know you’ll be excited. There is no need to share it in the Facebook group. Trust the process. If someone else in the Facebook group needs it, they’ll find it too. Take care of you right now.

I believe I can manifest more money, but how?

The how is not for you to figure out. Remember in the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy did know how the almighty Oz was going to get her home. She simply knew her job was to follow the Yellow Brick Road. Your job here, is to do the daily assignments, record your evidence, enjoy your life, and follow inspired action if you get inspired. The Universe will figure out the how for you.

What is inspired action?

It’s action that you know you want to take and you should take. It’s not what you think you should do. It’s what the little voice inside you whispers you should do. Inspired action doesn’t yell. It’s quiet. It’s like a suggestion. It feels good.

Inspired action may not make any sense. Or it may make perfect sense.  You’ll learn how to notice it. The most important thing is it’s usually quieter than the thoughts in your head.

If it doesn’t feel good, it’s probably not inspired.

What to do when you’re focused on the “how”?

If you’re focused and wondering about “how” you’re going to manifest money, likely you’re not doing your daily rituals and or recording in your evidence log. If you do your daily rituals, all your assignments and keep your evidence log for 7 days straight and you’re still wondering about the “how” email me and we’ll discuss it together.

Is this class “free”?

This class is not free. It’s pay after you manifest. When you sign up you’re making an agreement with me and the Universe that you’re going to pay 10% of whatever you manifest in the 90 days following you starting the course.

What do you count as “manifested”?

Any money that comes into your life that you weren’t expecting. This can be gifts, additional sales, new clients. You’ll know. If it’s tangible money, count it in the money manifested column.

How should I keep track of what I manifested?

Keep a spreadsheet or a word document with all that you’ve manifested. It’s great to have on those days you might not feel like it’s working.

When do I pay?

There’s a couple ways to do this and you want to do what feels best to you. Some people keep a spreadsheet and log in every time money shows up. Then they pay at the end. I like this because you’re making yourself aware of all the money coming into your life.

Another way to do it is to send a PayPal or check as soon as the money comes into your life. I also like this way because you’re confirming to yourself by sending payment that money is coming in.

As always, do what feels best.

How do I pay?

You can send a check to 1020 15th St. Apt 12M Denver, CO 80202 (if you’re in another country please have them convert the funds when you get the cashier’s check)

Send money via PayPal or Chase quick pay to spiraluptoday@aol.com

What about free stuff?

You’re amping your abundance vibe. Often this leads to lots of free things, which is awesome! You’re not required to pay 10% on your free stuff. If you want to I’m happy to accept it. Keep track of all your free stuff though and put a monetary value on it for your evidence log. If you want to pay 10% great. If not, I would still keep track of all your free stuff and the monetary value. It amps up your vibe.

What does it mean if I’m inspired to do something and then it’s in a lesson a few days later?

You’re in alignment with the course. It means you’re moving in the abundance direction. Take it as great evidence that you are in alignment with money and abundance.

What do I do if I manifest a new job? How do I pay you on that?

There is a couple ways to pay. First, celebrate that you created a lot more money in your life. Second, pick one of these ways to pay. Pay 10% of your additional salary for 90 days.  For example, if create a job with a $10,000 increase that is $2500 for 90 days. Which means pay $250. The second is to think about your new job. At the beginning of the course if I could have guaranteed you’d create a new job, what would you have paid for the course? What is the new job worth to you? Find the way to pay that feels best.