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Below is an index of all calls. This will help you easily find the support you need on a particular subject. Listen to all the calls as needed or all at once.

Money, Money, Money – Call 1

On this call Cassie welcomes her listeners to the Money, Money, Money course and how the course came about.

If you are running into speed bumps, she’ll give some tips but will go into more detail on the second call. She’ll show you how to amp up your money vibe and answer your initial questions on how to pay for the course.

4:58 Introduction to Money, Money, Money & Housekeeping Tips

10:00 Who is participating in Money, Money, Money

12:00 How the Money, Money, Money class came about

18:35 How to Handle Speed bumps

20:58 What I Live Internationally?

22:02 Money Vibe

24:20 Paying for Money, Money, Money? and Wrap Up

26:00 End of Call 1

Money, Money, Money – Call 2

This call is designed for those people who are experiencing speed bumps in the Money, Money, Money course so far.

0:25 Should You Listen or Not To This Call

1:43 The #1 Thing You Can Do To Get Into the Money Vibration

2:18 The #2 Thing You Can Do To Get Into the Money Vibration

2:35 The #3 Thing You Can Do To Get Into the Money Vibration

5:32 Still Need Help With Your Focus and Alignment?

6:26 10 Things To Activate Your Feeling of Joyful, Fun, Happy Energy

7:13 How To Notice The Evidence

9:02 Share/Celebrate Other’s Evidence

10:00 Letting Go

11:05 Enjoy and Have Fun

11:15 Being Enough

12:06 Recap of What Will Help You Move Past Your Roadblocks and Wrap up

13:44 End of Call 2

Money, Money, Money – Call 3

On this call Cassie talks about what counts as evidence in the Money, Money, Money program. Perhaps you are seeing others in the group or even those around you raising their money vibration. This is normal. This call will teach you what this means in your journey.

0:45 How Do I Know What Counts As Evidence? What counts?

1:23 Money Vibration of Everyone Around You Raises

1:55 Evidence is Signal That What You Want Is On It’s Way

3:20 How Do I Know What To Pay You?

5:34 Celebrate Successes – Yours and Others and Wrap up

6:17 End of Call 3

Money, Money, Money – Call 4

This call is designed for those who aren’t seeing the results for themselves yet. Cassie gives the tools and techniques to amp your money vibe in the direction you want so you can see the evidence that you are well on your way to your goal.

0:09 Are You Having a “Where is My Stuff, My Evidence, My Money?” Moment?

0:30 If You Are Rocking Your Money Vibe & Evidence, You Do Not Need This Call.

2:15 I Don’t See It For Me Yet

3:08 Here is What You Can Do About It

3:49 Appreciation

6:49 Learning To Amp Your Money Vibe

8:50 What Feelings Do You Want About Money

11:22 Seeing Vs. Looking

15:38 Engage In The Tools First and Wrap up

16:08 End of Call 4


Money, Money, Money – Call 5

On this call Cassie Parks teaches her listeners about the true story about the Scavenger Hunt and how this worked for her. In this story, Cassie teaches about the principles of letting go, appreciation, alignment, focus and your expectations.

0:09 Scavenger Hunt Story – “I Find Money All The Time”

2:25 Set the Intention and Let Go

3:05 The Lessons Are Your Own

5:13 Appreciation

6:52 Being In Alignment and Focus

8:10 Joyful Energy Towards Money, Playing and Having A Good Time

9: 56 Your Feedback May Look Different Than Your Expectation and Wrap Up

10:27 End of Call 5

Money, Money, Money – Call 6

Were you rocking this course and not if feels like it is falling apart? Then this call is for you. Cassie explains how to get to the other side of your feelings. You are not alone, this process is intentional for you to process your old and new beliefs about money.

0:07 Flying High and Now You Are Emotional, Angry, Sad, Scared

1:30 Energy Levels – Low, Middle and High

2:09 Detox of Energy

4:00 Acknowledge What You Feel and Where You Are At

4:44 So How Do I Move Through This?

5:49 Steps To Take To Process Through

6:54 Feel Good In Spite Of How You Feel Right Now

7:17 Take Good Care of Yourself and Wrap up

7:57 End of Call 6

Money, Money, Money – Call 7

Are you thinking, “This Really Isn’t Working For Me?”, “I Have Done This Before” or “I don’t believe this is going to work!”. Cassie teaches that Money, Money, Money is about process of working through this course as it is written. This will allow you to process your old money beliefs and move into the new ones. She’ll show you how.

0:07 This Isn’t Working For Me, I Have Done This Before and It Isn’t Going To Work

1:30 Hold On, It is Coming!

2:00 Manifesting Abundance Takes Time

2:49 3 Things You Can Do To Support You

3:26 Evaluate What Are You Focused On

5:46 Go Back To The Foundation

7:13 What Feelings Do You Want Around Money?

9:35 Play Full Out and Wrap Up

10:39 End of Call 7

Money, Money, Money – Call 8

Cassie provides a safe space for you to ask your questions. Listen to the Q&A from other Money, Money, Money participants. In this open forum she addresses being scared, deserving money and how money and integrity work together. In this call, Cassie provides solutions and answers to your precise questions.

0:21 Your Personal Vibe Is Yours and Loving These Things

3:59 Vision Boards and Expanding Energy

10:00 Manifesting Amazing Things but Then I Got Scared Question

10:15 Fight Flight Reactions to Expansion

13:07 Creating Positive Affirmation Statements

13:28 Write As If From The Other Side

19: 32 Struggle With Empowerment and Courage Question and Answer

22:!5 Feeling Like I Don’t Deserve It Question

23:45 10 Self Care Items That Fuel You

27:30 Integrity With Money Question

28:36 Creating a Record

30:50 Celebrating What Is Flowing In

33:40 Love Understanding How Manifesting Works and Wrap Up

35:23 End of Call 8

Money, Money, Money – Call 9

Are you struggling? This is normal. With that in mind, you are probably asking how you move through it to the other side. This call is for you then. Cassie will explain why you are here and some life skills to move you to abundance.

0:08 Struggle, Not Working For Me and Everything is Against Me Feelings

0:40 3 Days For Your Brain To Start Shifting

3:22 Where Is Your Energy Focused?

5:31 Evidence All Around You

8:09 Switch How You Look At It

10:45 Turn To What You Do Want

11:50 Running from Your Old Story or Your New Story

15:33 How Would Your Character Think About Everything?

16:22 Focus and Language

18:50 Embellish What Is Right

21:05 What Blocks The Money Flow?

22:58 Constantly Shifting Thoughts and Beliefs

23:40 Suggestions On How To Get The Process Flowing

27:30 Invest Your Energy Positively and Wrap Up

31:59 End of Call 9

Money, Money, Money – Call 10

Cassie shares the 7th Clue – Failure Is Not An Option of the 7 Big Fat Clues of What You Want by Jeanette Maws

0:10 Failure Is Not An Option

5:35 Learn to Stop the Negative Train of Thoughts and Realize The Truth

7:04 Use Your Story

7:38 Commit to Feel Better

8:30 Change Your Story

8:41 Enjoyment of Life and Wrap Up

9: 44 End of Call 10

Money, Money, Money – Call 11

Cassie teaches you how to stop the thoughts or feelings about the things that come up in life. This process will help you shift it all.

0:10 Formula From the Book Stop and Change Directions

0:55 S = Stop

1:55 T = Take A Deep Breath and Mention of O and P Letters

3:33 Give Reverence To Where You Are

5:12 Create A Record

6:00 Acknowledgement

6:53 Decide Where You Want To Go

9:00 Sent Your Intention and Lock It In

11:38 Color

14:04 Sound

14:36 Movement

15:47 Light

16:21 Recap of the Stop and Change Directions Process and Wrap up

18:36 End of call 11

Money, Money, Money – Call 12

This call is about how brain science works with the Law of Attraction with Cassie’s special guest Janette Dalgliesh. This powerful call will not only explain what is happening but what your role is in the process for making the manifesting process work for you.

0:07 Introduction of Special Guest Janette Dalgliesh, The Sweet Relief Coach

5:55 How Your Brain Works

8:36 The Only Reason You Have Desire At All

9:20 The Importance of Money, Money, Money Lesson 1

10:06 Aspects of Emotions

11:07 Techniques and How The Brain and Mind Difference

15:10 Your Default Settings and Pain Sensors

18:36 Decision Making

19:06 The Adult Brain

21:18 Neuroplasticity

21:54 Memory

23:10 Predictability

24:17 Recalling the Past Disadvantage

27:30 Good News: Distort Into An Advantage

27:50 False Memories

28:57 Expectations of What Is

29:41 Changing the Adult Brain

31:42 Visualization

33:54 Creating New Patterns

36:24 Manifesting Techniques

38:29 Positivity Cements New Reality In The Brain

40:00 The Purpose of Pleasure

43:08 Consistency

45:36 The Whip Lash Effect

47:24 Modalities That Work For You

50:27 Brain Delivers Us Our Emotion

56:07 What Happens To The Brain When We Share

1:02:25 Trust What You Are Doing Is Going To Work and Wrap Up

1:02:07 End of Call 12

Money, Money, Money – Call 13

Cassie answers an email that she received because it will benefit the group about money blocks. She reads the story of the writer of this email so the audience knows the history and Cassie beautifully answers the questions posed and coaches on language and belief.

0:10 The Only Money Blocks We Have Are The Blocks We Believe

2:59 Write A New Story

4:07 Let Go of How

4:50 Clearly Define

5:20 Feelings

8:36 Play With The Overflow of Money In Your Life

11:48 Focus on What You Want

12:30 How Can You Make Your Story Better

13:52 What is Your Quickest Path To the 3 Feelings You Want Most

15:00 You Have 2 Choices – Change or Do What Supports Your Belief

16:05 Beliefs Are Out of Alignment

16:56 Doing What You Love

17:46 As If Now

20:00 Commitment To Do The Work

20:37 Celebrating and Wrap Up

22:08 End of Call 13

Money, Money, Money – Call 14

Cassie answers a participant’s question of how and why she picked a certain amount of money she wanted to create. Cassie explains the process and the importance of the key to working the law of attraction.

0:07 Pick a Goal You Can Believe In

1:10 Belief, Manifesting and Focus

1:31 Ask For What You Really Want

1:50 Believe Behind Your Intention

2:37 The Steps To Manifesting

4:27 Don’t Get Caught In the How

6:33 Feel Good Vibration

9:10 Write It Down

9:43 Learning Lifetime Skills

10:20 Finding Your Sweet Spot and Wrap Up

12:35 End of Call 14