Making Money The Easy Way

I am all about making money the easy way. In addition to being a coach, I am a real estate investor. I’ve created a very good passive income leveraging the Law of Attraction and income properties.

I have a property that is empty right now. I was in another country when the last tenant moved out, and he had someone who was going to move in. Easy! I’m not even in the country and it gets re-rented. It didn’t happen that way. The guy who was supposed to move in changed the date he was coming to Denver (from the first to the 12th). He wasn’t great a communicating this. In fact, my sister was waiting around (because I’d arranged for her to get the keys to him when he arrived) only to find out he wasn’t coming and had’t let anyone know.

Money, abundance, law of attractionHe said he would see if the place was still available when he got to town. Again, I didn’t hear from him. Meanwhile, I’ve listed and started showing the place.

Last week I was in Washington D.C. working with my mentor on my coaching business. We were literally working every minute we weren’t sleeping (which was very little) because if we weren’t working on something specific the group was brainstorming ideas and talking about goals and dreams. (It was awesome!)

At one point when I came up for air I looked at my phone. There was a text message from this guy and I also had a missed call and a voice mail. The text said, “Is the place available? I’ll be there tonight?”

My response. “It’s available, but I’m in Washington D.C.” To this he responded wondering if my sister could meet him tonight. I responded that I could check, but not until later because I was busy.

Fast forward 6 hours and I look down to a text from my sister asking if she’s supposed to meet him because he’s blowing up her phone. A few minutes later I get a text from my friend who referred this guy to me asking if I’ve talked to him. Basically, this guy was willing to call everyone and their mother when he wanted something, but did’t have the courtesy to communicate earlier in the process when he wasn’t going to show up and prior to the minute he expected someone to meet him at the place.

It would have been nice to have the place rented, deposit and rent in hand, however this process felt very hard. It was drama. It was involving three people to make a simple transaction. It wasn’t easy. I make money easily. (This is one of my mantras). Not only is it a mantra, it’s a promise to myself.

The reason it’s a promise to myself is that I want to make money the easy way, but more importantly I understand inertia. The way energy starts to flow is the way it will continue to flow. This dude was interrupting my sacred time working on my business. His behavior was causing me to have to call and organize and manage a situation I wasn’t planning on managing. He was expecting me to drop everything to make something happen for him. He wasn’t respecting my time or the time of those I love.

This is not an energy I want flowing anywhere in my life, because I know it will cause more of the same. That is the opposite of what I want flowing in my life. My gut gets this. It was saying don’t do it. Therefore, I politely told him I was not going to rent the place to him.

Sometimes we confuse “easy”. In theory it looks like it would be easy to have it rented and have the money in hand, but that money would have come at a much higher price.

Saying, “no” to what you don’t want is just as important as saying “yes” to what you do want. In fact, saying “no” to what you don’t want, leaves the door open for what you do want to appear. What you want is usually right around the corner, sometimes it just requires a little patience and clarity.

If I were you, I’d be asking, “Is it rented now?” No, not yet. I am in the process of another real estate deal. Having the place still open has opened up some creative space to make some things happen. I’ve figured out my plan and now I’ll move on to easily renting that space to someone who is going to love, cherish and appreciate it. The money will flow easily to me, because that’s the way it works.

I created my mantra “I make money easily” as part of the creation of my money persona that doesn’t have to work so hard for money. I teach you how to create your money persona in my book Dealing With Your Money $h!t. You can get your copy on Amazon and create your own money persona that supports your financial goals.


  1. Loved this, Cassie! “I make money easily. Not only is it a mantra, it’s a promise to myself.”

    Way to walk the talk when it counted. :)

    • That is a pretty powerful promise!! Thanks!!!

      • Heck of a job there, it abollutesy helps me out.


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