How to Live in Your Dream Home

Law of Attraction, money, happinessA few days ago I sat at the closing table the most excited I’ve ever been to purchase a house. I purchased my new home. I am doing some work on it before I move in. Following going out for celebratory champagne with my realtor and his husband, I went up to my new place and just walked around. I let the expansive feeling wash over me. I stared out the window at the amazing view. I planned how awesome my office is going to be. I counted how many drawers I would have in the kitchen. I haven’t had a silverware drawer in 8 months!

Up until about two weeks ago, I would tell you I was already living in my dream home, and I was. I have learned to appreciate everything about every place I live now and talk about it as if it’s my dream home. Appreciating what is, is the best way to get more of what you desire.

If you want more space, appreciate the space you already have.

If you want a better location, appreciate the location you already have.

If you want more storage, appreciate the storage space you already have, by keeping it neat and organized.

You always have a choice to focus on what’s wrong or appreciate what’s right. When I moved into my current home (the one I’m moving out of) it was in the location I wanted, it has an amazing view. It is just 495 sq ft so a little short on space, but I was able to appreciate and make that what I wanted as well (Thanks for some help from the Goddess Known as Jacqui on that one).

I have loved everything about current space the entire time I’ve been here. In fact, when I moved in I said “I’m moving into my dream home.”

So many times people say they’ll be happy when….(often a bigger house, better car, etc.) Why put off your happiness? Especially because being super happy right now will get you where you want to be so much faster.

Up until about two weeks ago, I absolutely loved everything about where I’m living. I still love it, but I’m ready to move on. Now that I know my time in this place is coming to an end some of the little things about the small space are front and center. And that’s ok. But what if I had spent the last 8 months complaining about how small my space was? First, I would have been grumpy. Second, I don’t think I would have attracted my next dream home as fast.

By appreciating what is, you attract more of what you’re appreciating. Law of Attraction, money, happiness

Tips for attracting a new home faster

*Make a list of what you want more of, and start appreciating how much you already have.

*Create the space for what you do want. For example if you want an office in a bigger home, create a scared, dedicated office space in your current home. You don’t have to have a room for this.

*Get rid of anything you won’t be taking with you to your new home. Have your home now, be a reflection of the home you desire to live in.

*Make a habit of saying out loud how much you love your current home. Find something you love and acknowledge it.

I am a master at appreciating what is and I knew I would be living in my dream home when I move into my current place. I also knew, I wanted it to be EVEN better, so I hired The Goddess Known as Jacqui to come help me create an even more Divine space.

Her + Me= Total Magic

I know for a fact working with Jacqui to make my current dream home even better is what lead to me getting my next dream home even faster. Of course I’m having her help me again and this time you can eavesdrop on the process.

Click here to register and you’ll have access to all 7 planning and implementation calls, so that you can start living in your dream home now and attract your next dream home.

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