Follow Your Intuition Even When it Doesn’t Make Sense

Last week in one day I had two simple, yet profound reminders how my life flows so much easier because I listen to my intuition. First, I dropped some family members off at the store. I felt my intuition say, “You should go to Macy’s”. Macy’s is right next door to where I had dropped my family off.

Money Money Money, Cassie Parks, Follow your intuitionIt was Saturday, and the parking lot was pretty full so I was guessing the store was full. I thought about just going home, and the little voice inside said, “No, you should go.” I surrendered to my inner voice. When I got across the parking lot and got ready to get out of the car, I realized my purse was in the other vehicle.

Because I had listened to my intuition, I was able to call my family and get my purse back. In the ten minutes since we’d been apart they also decided they would go to lunch at one of our favorite places. Listening to my intuition, even when it didn’t make sense to me (I really didn’t want to go to Macy’s) made my life easier because I wasn’t without my purse and allowed me to spend more time with my family.

Later that day, I went to the store late at night to grab some things for Easter. I went to get in the checkout line and there were two lines open. One looked like it would move faster than the other, but I felt pulled to the other line. Again, I trusted my gut. Thirty seconds after getting in line the wife in front of me sent her husband to get the soda they had forgotten. Guess who else had forgotten soda? Yes, me. If I would have been in the other line, I probably wouldn’t have been reminded and would have left the store without one of the main things I was supposed to get.

Having my purse, lunch and soda didn’t make my weekend, but it did make life a lot easier in those instances. I was very aware  of the part following my intuition had played in the ease and grace of my weekend. Sometimes you just have to follow your intuition and you never figure out the difference it made. In the case of my purse and soda I knew. It reminded how valuable my intuition is.

Then the next day, I heard a story of a mother listening to her intuition and stopping a school attack because she did. So many lives would have been changed had she not listened to her intuition. What if she had been in the habit of not listening to her intuition?

Practicing honoring your intuition when it seems minor is crucial, because you don’t know when the day is going to come when following your intuition could literally save your life or someone else’s.

Follow your intuition, even when it doesn’t make sense.

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