Does Getting My Book for Free Devalue My Work?

Investing Secrets for a Champagne Life, real estate investing, passive income, Law of AttractionRight now (for a limited time) you can get my new book Investing Secrets for a Champagne Life for free on Amazon. When my last book was published, I had many, many, many conversations where I told people they could get my book for free when it came out. Many of my amazing friends said they would wait and purchase or that I didn’t have to give it away for free to them. A lot of them (I found out later) waited until the free period was over, so that they could pay for it.

I appreciate all of them and the value they place on me and my work. However, I am 100% comfortable with my book being free for the time it’s free. It was my choice. There are reasons it’s free. The main one is that it helps my Amazon rankings. It actually helps me when you get my book for free. If you want to contribute, the best thing you can do at this time is to 1.) download the book from Amazon (for free) and 2.) leave a review.

Downloading my book and leaving a review is the best way to pay me for my book right now.

My book has been in the #1 slot in one category for 3 days and is bouncing into another #1 slot on and off. That matters in the Amazon world and it matters to me. From a deliberate creation standpoint, I could do a lot of work; visualizing, setting intentions for my book to go #1, saying mantras, etc. Truth is, I did do all of those things, but when I use the proven system it makes it a lot easier. I do a little work and move on knowing that I know what the process is to create a Best Seller. For me, it would take a lot more time and energy to work my magic around creating a Best Seller if I wasn’t jumping into the proven system.

Sometimes, like with Money, Money, Money (my pay after you manifest more money course) I like to do things the opposite of what traditionally works. In that case, I pour on all my law of attraction magic. I use all the tools in my treasure chest. And sometimes, like when releasing a new book, I love to jump the river that is already flowing in the direction I want to go.

The value of my work doesn’t come from the price tag. The true value is 50% what I put into it and 50% what you receive. When someone reads my book and thinks a little bit differently or looks at something in their life a little bit differently or decides they want to be a real estate investor it’s adds value to my work. Value is added every time someone new comes in contact with my work. When you purchase my book for free and leave a review, it ranks higher on Amazon and that leads to more people seeing it and purchasing it.
The answer to the original question is you add value to my book every time you download, even if it’s free.

I would LOVE if you download Investing Secrets for a Champagne Life. It’s about creating cash flow, passive income and a plan for early retirement. If you learn something, please leave a review.

Get your copy on Amazon. Click here.

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  1. I’ve learned a lot from both your books … and yes, got ’em free.

    But I’ve learned just as much from this post about the intricacies of Amazon publishing + how ‘payment’ can take many forms.
    Thanks for the explanation, Cassie.

    And this little nugget of advice to “jump the river that is already flowing in the direction I want to go” … yea, pure gold.


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