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Cassie Parks, Bio

Cassie Parks, Money Money Money, Dealing With Your MoneyCassie Parks retired at 32, and not because she won the lottery. Cassie leveraged the practical magic of positive thinking, financial education and focus on her goal of financial independence to create the opportunity to walk out of her job for the last time and begin living her dream of being a Life Coach. Although she’s more than a life coach. She’s a Lifestyle Design Strategist and a Money Maven.

The biggest reason she sees for people not experiencing success with money is that they haven’t defined their own version of success. Lifestyle design is about figuring out what’s important to you and designing a life including financially that supports that vision. Without a vision (one people think they can attain), people spend aimlessly and continue to live in financial chaos.

People think you need to make more money to save more money, however if they haven’t set up to save, they will continue to spend even when they make more. Solid money management leads to more money, not the other way around. Cassie walks her talk. She lived very happily one year on $22,000 during her pursuit of financial freedom. Cassie teaches when you learn to invest (spend money) in what makes you really happy, your money goes further.

Cassie is the best selling author of the Champagne Life Series available on Amazon, including Money Mindset for a Champagne Life. Cassie is passionate about supporting people in creating lives they love to live. The keystone of a life you love is a financial playbook that honors who you are and where you want to go.

Cassie is available for T.V. and radio interviews and speaking to your group.

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