As you might have guessed from the title, this isn’t your mama’s money book. This smart engaging, unique book goes beyond the cookie-cutter “how to” of personal money management and leads you through the process of defining your idea of success with money and creating your own money strategy. This gives you a personalized playbook for your financial decisions. Going beyond how to manage your money, this book teaches you how your money beliefs are impacting your current financial reality and how to change that.

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on Dec. 16th

Cassie Parks is one of those go-to people when it comes to the subject of money, not just because she walks her talk, but because her talk is so darn smart. Dealing with Your Money $H!T  brilliantly encapsulates Cassie’s special blend of conscious creation and practical how-to tips, and I’m especially excited by her concept of an ‘attraction budget’. And believe me, anyone who can get me excited about a budget of any kind is working a small miracle, right there! This gem of a book is jam-packed with powerful insights into how to heal your relationship with money. I have no doubt that if you implement even half of what Cassie recommends, you and your bank balance WILL notice the difference. Money magic, engage!
Janette Dalgliesh,
Brain Whisperer and author of the Everyday Superpower books –
It’s smart. Engaging. And really unique. I have a pretty solid relationship with money but I actually learned a bunch of new things from this book and I can completely see why they would work. I am really excited to practice them.
Angela Lauria,